Celle expertise in demand in Norway

PhD student of the Drilling Simulator Celle (DSC) invited as guest speaker to Norwegian geothermal conference


Since 2013, the Norwegian Center for Geothermal Energy Research (CGER) has been organising the national "GeoEnergy Conference" of Norwegian universities and research institutions every two years. This year, the focus of the approximately 60 participants from a total of 39 national and international institutions and companies in Bergen, Norway, was on the role of geothermal energy in an energy system dominated by renewable energies.

Among the few invited non-Norwegian speakers was Rodrigue Freifer, PhD student and research associate at the DSC of the Clausthal University of Technology, who reported on research results at the DSC in a session on deep drilling operations for geothermal applications. The focus of his presentation was on initial results on the handling of vibrations during the drilling process, which were obtained during drilling tests at the advanced hardware test rig in Celle. The new research possibilities of this test rig were also discussed with those present and ideas for joint projects were outlined.

The visit also served to expand the European network of research partners in the field of deep drilling research at DSC, from which a joint research strategy for multinational projects is to be developed and corresponding projects applied for.


Speakers of the session "Drilling and Well Operations - Meeting the Geothermal Challenges

PhD student Rodrigue Freifer from the DSC talking to Norwegian colleagues Pascal-Alexandre Kane (SINTEF) on the left and Christian von der Ohe (NORCE) on the right