GeoTWIN: Deep geothermal energy for heat supply in Northern Germany - New concepts for risk minimisation in the exploration of geothermal reservoirs

OBE: Optimization of drilling operations for geothermal projects through realistic real-time simulation

The overall objective of the proposed project is to reduce the capital costs of deep wells for geothermal
energy by means of a far more extensive preparation of drilling projects than is possible in the state of the art today. A desired efficient drilling process is often considerably hindered by discontinuities in the rock formations, as are in particular the fault zones frequently encountered in geothermal wells. Discrepancies in the course of the formation are a major factor of uncertainty in the planning and execution of drilling operations. On the basis of a drilling training simulator, the proposed project delivers a planning and monitoring tool for geothermal projects, with which drilling-related costs can be significantly reduced.
The main focus of the development work outlined above is the acquisition and input of drilling data to improve existing models, the development of new software modules for the simulator, the verification and calibration of the software models and the simulated drilling of critical borehole sections of planned geothermal wells, which then allows the adaptation of drilling parameters and borehole paths, an intensive training of drilling personnel and further technical recommendations for the actual drilling operation.

Duration: 01.05.2019 - 31.10.2022

Funding number: 03EE4005

Project Manager:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Oppelt (TU Clausthal)