Expansion of European and international research activities at the Drilling Simulator Celle (DSC)

For the transformation of the energy system to a structure based on renewable energies, geothermal energy represents an indispensable component in the energy mix. In particular, due to the high energy demand in the heating sector, which in Germany, for example, accounts for more than half of the total national energy demand, innovative technologies specifically adapted to deep geothermal heat extraction are required in order to be able to exploit the existing potentials at depths of 1,500m and more in an environmentally sound and economic manner. Furthermore, technologies for large-scale, partly also seasonal, underground intermediate storage of renewable energies will play an essential role in order to be able to guarantee the sustainability and stability of our energy system. One of the key components in this context is deep drilling technology.

In recent years, these topics have been taken up at the Drilling Simulator Celle (DSC) under the leadership of the Clausthal University of Technology in cooperation with national companies and other universities and mapped in long-term strategy-building large-scale projects. These projects have been or are being financed by the DFG, BMBF, BMWK or industry, among others. In the following years, these activities are to be expanded in the European and international framework, whereby it is already possible to fall back on the first established contacts. This will be accompanied by an expansion of the content of the activities, in particular to include aspects of the long-term life cycle analysis of the technology (LCA in the time horizon of up to 50 years) and also newer methods of data science, e.g. AI and machine learning, will be considered in an integrated manner.

Funded by the Lower Saxony Advance Programme

Duration: 01.07.2022 - 31.03.2023

Funding number: 6831/2022

Project Manager:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gunther Brenner