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Software Simulator

One objective of DSC is to develop a simulator capable of being used for design, evaluation of proposed operating processes and related real-time decision making, using realistic human machine interfaces. The virtual simulator is based on an industry-leading training simulator for pipe handling and well control situations.

A powerful feature of the DSC simulator is its ability to modify the downhole models by using an Application Program Interface (API). The API allows reading simulator variables, which are then transmitted to a workstation, where real-time algorithms generate outputs which are sent back to the simulator overwriting modeled variables. With respect to the downhole physics, several basic models are already implemented.

However, there are important models regarding solids transport, fluid thermodynamics, fluid compressibility and the stiffness of the drillstring which are not yet available. The development of these models is a key focus in DSC’s internal and external research work. Importantly, in addition to internally developed models, the Software Simulator platform can also run third party algorithms and software. 


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