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Hardware Simulator

DSC’s Hardware Simulator is a physical laboratory machine that provides a full-scale, real-time horizontal drilling capability. The test sample can accomodate the lower part of a drilling BHA, about 23 meters long and 6 ¾” in diameter with an 8 ¾” drill bit. Building on two oil field triplex pumps, a powerful hydraulic feed device and a rock chamber, realistic well conditions can be achieved.

Drilling Rig:

Stroke5 m16.3 ft
ROP10 m/h32 ft/h
WOB         10 t
Torque8.8 kNm6.5 klbsft
RPM220 1/min
Power200 kW

270 hp

Mud System:

2 x Schäfer & Urbach BT 60/70


Power1200 kW1600 hp
Flow5400 l/min1400 gal/min
Pressure350 bar5000 psi


Length BHA23 m75 ft
Formation5 m16.3 ft
Pressure100 bar1500 psi
Diameter222 mm8 3/4"

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