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Successful Completion of the First “Scenario-Drilling” Training Course for Drilling Engineers

Celle. Within the framework of Wintershall’s SPEAD on-boarding program, a training of 5 drilling engineers was conducted in June at the Drilling Simulator Celle by tackling downhole problems that occur whilst drilling deep directional wells.

The goal of DSC, by providing such newly developed courses, is for drilling engineers to exercise their reaction and problem-solving strategies on the drilling simulator. Problems such as kicks, losses and sticking were undertaken during the recent training. The practical part of the course was, of course, only carried out after conclusion of lectures to ensure the required theoretical background.

Similarly to how flight simulators training for pilots, drilling simulators are normally used in the industry to instruct drillers for their job. However, the purpose of this course type at DSC is to introduce engineers of the E&P industry with a hands-on approach. Such personnel are mainly in a position for planning, monitoring and supervising the drilling process and personnel in order to detect, identify and solve problems during operation while holding safety and environmental standards.

Overall, the training left a positive impression on the participants and supervisors of Wintershall. Due to the found success, similar courses of this type are currently being considered by this customer. DSC is offering these type of courses to the industry on request.

DSC's instructors Rodrigue Freifer (3rd from left) and Patrick Höhn (4th from right) together with participants of Wintershall
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