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As the oil and gas industry strives to cut operational costs, it must maintain a “zero incident” safety target for humans and the environment. Drilling a well “on paper” before the actual operation is an excellent approach to avoid mistakes later in the field. An even better option uses the Drilling Simulator Celle (DSC) research center, located in the heart of the German oil and gas area. Drilling Simulator Celle is Clausthal University of Technology’s research center for drilling process simulation. The main research focus is to model and simulate the process of deep drilling in underground formations. In terms of technical infrastructure, this is accomplished by means of two large-scale, real-time facilities, namely a virtual reality Software Simulator and a full-scale Hardware Simulator. Also, the software and the hardware drilling simulator can be coupled to offer an increased level of fidelity, which is a unique research concept. DSC is set up to provide industry customers the opportunity to analyze and mitigate critical scenarios on both simulator facilities. Because of DSC’s status as an independent state-owned research center, customers can rely on full confidentiality of their data.

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